The Idea Matters

We believe in the power of ideas.

We’re talking about the power to create momentum, invigorate business, strengthen connections, and yes, even change the world. That’s why we work so tirelessly and collaboratively to find them. In fact, we don’t stop until we do.

The Whole Brand Matters

The Whole Brand©

ranges from the marketing communication efforts to the corporate culture, from social media to the design and location of the company offices, from customer service to how employees or business partners talk about the company. All aspects of the brand – its strengths, its various stakeholder groups, its touch points, its relative position in the marketplace, its essence – must be considered, evaluated, and understood in order to create lasting growth.

Inside-Out • Outside-In©,  Greenhouse’s approach for creating a compelling Whole Brand, is focused on seamlessly aligning and integrating internal and external brands.

Innovation Matters

Think great innovation is based on a singular aha moment or a lucky coincidence? Think again.

Finding newer, better, and more relevant solutions rarely, if ever, happens when you’re focused on doing other things. We know from hands-on experience. We’ve driven innovation across products and process for our clients.

Loyalty Matters

What gets people coming back to your brand?

Definitely not what used to. An Ernst & Young study recently found that just 25 percent of U.S. consumers attributed brand loyalty to their purchase decisions. But hey, that’s no surprise. Today’s consumer base is more connected, more informed, and more demanding than ever. That’s why the power of word of mouth has never been more amplified—and why your loyalists are so valuable. It’s also why we work tirelessly with our clients to deliver the kinds of brand experiences that get loyalists talking.

The Result Matters

Great work doesn’t matter if it doesn’t accomplish great things.

Here’s a glimpse at what we’ve helped our clients achieve.

Culture Matters

Nothing’s more important to long-term

success than a great culture.

Here’s a look at ours.

Digital Matters

The digital experience

has fundamentally changed the way your customers learn, communicate, transact, refer, and feel about your brand. No longer can brands think about themselves in silos – broadcast, in-store, digital. Your brand in digital is intrinsically integrated with your brand everywhere else. Lockstep consistency between your vision and values, brand strategy, product, and the digital experience – from advertising to social to content strategy to customer service – is now mission critical.