Great brands always have a great story. The timeline below provides a brief introduction to ours.

It all starts with vision and values.


Prepare, Amaze, Grow



Collaboration, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Decisiveness, Leadership, Winning

    • OneBrand changes its name to Greenhouse Partners
    • First client! TV spot for Smart Blade
    • Liberty Greenfield hires us after eight weeks in business
    • Coca-Cola taps Greenhouse Partners for its Bacardi Mixers brand
    • Greenhouse Partners moves into its first office in Broomfield’s Eldorado Center
    • Greenhouse Partners hires out-of-work Harvard grad Keith Greenawalt
    June 4, 2001 OneBrand begins operations from above Pete Burridge’s garage
    • Moose story told for the first time
    • Greenhouse Partners re-brands Boulder Beer and Buff Gold
    • Greenhouse Partners plays integral part in getting mill levy passed for IMAGINE!, solidifying its future
    • Greenhouse Partners begins long-term relationship with the University of Colorado
    • Keith Greenawalt wins the first and only “New Fish” award (Keith made it. Fish didn’t.)
    June 4, 2002 First Founders Day: Hike at Hall Ranch
    • Greenhouse Partners MVP award, the Golden Boot, handed out for the first time. Recipient: Shelley Airhart
    • Western Union comes aboard
    • Roster grows with another big name: AOL
    • Greenhouse Partners begins long-term innovation engagement with MillerCoors
    June 4, 2003 Founders Day 2: Flatirons
    • Golden Boot goes to Keith Greenawalt
    • Greenhouse Partners wins category-pioneer beverage Odwalla
    • Greenhouse Partners begins long-term engagement with telecom giant Charter
    • Greenhouse Partners helps launch private residence club Quintess
    June 4, 2004 Founders Day 3: Left Hand Reservoir
    • Golden Boot award goes to Kat Russell
    • Powder Day instituted
    • Greenhouse Scholars is unleashed
    • Northwestern point guard Amber Hickory joins the firm
    • Greenhouse Partners moves headquarters to 1011 Walnut St., Boulder
    • Greenhouse Partners helps launch Chicago wealth management firm RMB Capital
    June 4, 2005 Founders Day 4: Vista Verde Ranch
    • Golden Boot award goes to Gary Wiese
    • Greenhouse Partners goes south of the border and creates fledgling beer brand, Baja Brewing Co.
    • Greenhouse Partners begins partnership with Intrawest
    June 4, 2006 Founders Day 5: Las Vegas, NV
    • Golden Boot award goes to Matt Bury
    • Former secretary Keith Greenawalt becomes Partner
    • Greenhouse Partners shoots over 100 national television spots in one year for Charter Communications
    • Greenhouse Partners enlisted by retail expert Market Force Information to grow its brand
    • Intrawest’s Copper Mountain development The Cache sells out in record time
    June 4, 2007 Founders Day 6: Enchanted in Sedona
    • Golden Boot award goes to Amber Hickory
    • Sprite and Fanta brands both come aboard
    • First known use of Matt Jenkins’ “Corn Dog” nickname
    • Travel gurus Globus join our roster
    • Greenhouse Partners launches third sister company, Greenhouse Ideas
    June 4, 2008 Founders Day 7: Devil’s Thumb Ranch
    • Golden Boot award goes to Matt Jenkins
    • Amber Hickory becomes Partner
    • Hollywood’s fabled MGM Studios casts Greenhouse Partners for digital innovation
    • Coca-Cola Foodservice division chooses Greenhouse Partners to revamp its brand
    • Cabotella “donkey” tatooed on human body for first time (that we know of)
    June 4, 2009 Founders Day 8: Chautauqua
    • Golden Boot award goes to David Nickel
    • Moose story told for 32nd time
    • Greenhouse Partners has now launched over 25 brands
    • World-renowned Craig Hospital chooses Greenhouse Partners to relaunch its brand
    • Greenhouse Partners moves into new Canyon Center digs
    • Sister company Greenhouse Scholars thriving with over 50 scholars
    June 4, 2010 Founders Day 9: 4th of July Trail
    • Golden Boot award goes to Matt Jenkins
    • Greenhouse celebrates 10th anniversary!
    • University of Colorado enlists Greenhouse Partners to re-brand their athletic deptartment
    • Greenhouse Partners develops and facilitates Coca-Cola Foodservice’s brand positioning workshops
    • Bacardi Mixers becomes The Coca-Cola Company’s most engaged brand in social media
    June 4, 2011 Founders Day 10: Aspen
    • Matt Jenkins becomes the first back-to-back Golden Boot winner
    • Greenhouse Partners designs and facilitates Ball Corporation’s new innovation process
    • Amber Hickory becomes President of the firm
    • Greenhouse Partners re-brands nationally recognized real estate developer Crescent Communities
    • Greenhouse Scholars expands to Chicago
    June 4, 2012 Founders Day 11: Brainard Lake
    • David Nickel becomes two-time winner of the Golden Boot award
    • Greenhouse Partners becomes Odwalla’s social agency
    • Luxury sleepover in Vail after blizzard strands entire firm on Powder Day
    • Greenhouse Partners redefines Crescent Communitiess Canvas visioning process
    June 4, 2013 Founders Day 12: Sylvan Dale Ranch
    • Golden Boot award goes to Ian Caplan
    • Greenhouse Partners increases Odwalla’s Twitter engagement by 10x, becomes the brand’s lead agency
    • Greenhouse Scholars expands to Atlanta
    • Keith Greenawalt raises eyebrow for 900,000th time
    • Greenhouse-born soccer brand,, launches
    June 4, 2014 Founders Day 13: Chautauqua