Greenhouse Brands

Since Greenhouse Partners was founded in 2001, the long-term vision has always been to create a family of companies that leveraged a pool of high-performing intellectual capital and our core competencies in building holistic brands in multiple industries.

By design, Greenhouse Partners was the first of that family. Our Whole Brand model makes the firm an ideal training ground for talented people to build expertise in a wide variety of industries and with a breadth of target audiences; take on a diversity of challenges and develop a suite of problem-solving techniques; create deep insight and understanding into what it means to find and motivate people; build compelling and productive cultures; create differentiated and authentic brands; and deliver on those brands through operations and communications.

From the Greenhouse Partners core, we have since incubated or been owners in four different companies that have both leveraged and enhanced our human capital in the areas of non-profits, education, fundraising, digital, content, consumer packaged goods, idea generation, business planning, and community. The Greenhouse family of companies currently includes Greenhouse Partners, Greenhouse Scholars, The18, Greenhouse Ideas, and The Baja Brewing Company.

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Greenhouse Scholars

History & Vision

Greenhouse Scholars was started in 2005 with a vision to create a community of leaders who will evolve the communities of the world. We believe that education, particularly the education of the cadres of potential leaders being left behind by their circumstances, is the single most powerful way to affect major issues across communities and to scale impact.

Greenhouse Scholars identifies this new generation of community leaders through taking extraordinary but under-resourced college students, and inspiring, supporting, and driving them to change the trajectory of their families, their communities, and broader global communities – forever.

We are, they are, catalysts for lasting change.

History & Vision

Under-Resourced Backgrounds

  • 37% of Scholar’s families live below the poverty line
  • 71% are the first in their families to attend college
  • $32,721 is the median household income of Scholars’ families

High-Performance Leaders

  • 76% of Scholars are in the top 10% of their classes
  • 30% have higher than the national college-GPA average
  • 80% of Scholars lead an organization

Growing Leaders and Communities


The Story

In soccer, inside the 18-yard box is where the action happens. Where goals are scored, stars are born, games are won and lost. is where the soccer action happens online – addressing the needs of a large and growing community of soccer lovers.

Eighty million soccer enthusiasts in the U.S. and countless more across the globe are living the soccer life. In fact, the ratio of fans to players in soccer is unrivaled in any other major sport. Our goal is to let these active fans get inside the world’s sport and elevate their game like never before. We are their inside source and connector. We are how soccer people will start their days; we are creating a habit.

The idea for The18 was born out of a recognition that soccer is growing at an explosive rate in the United States, fueled by key demographic segments like Millennials and Latinos with tremendous buying power. The founders of Greenhouse Partners saw this growth and recognized the opportunity to build a strong brand within the space that would be complemented by our agency’s brand-centric approach, as well as digital and content-marketing experience. In 2014, after 18 months of planning and development, we launched and, in the time since, have seen dramatic growth.

Going forward, we will aim to create immersive, content-driven experiences that build equity and spread virally for brands who seek to reach our Millennial target audience.

The Story

Focused Audience

  • Mainstream soccer fans
  • 15-25, seeking to elevate their game
  • Focus on key growth demographics: Teens, Latinos, Women

Explosive Growth

  • 300 million+ content impressions to-date
  • 8 million+ consumers reached monthly, 75% under 35
  • 4.2 million+ content engagements across platforms monthly
  • 2 million+ video views monthly
  • 2 – 5x audience engagement of established players

Where Soccer Lives


The Story

Greenhouse Partners is one of the owners of Baja Brewing Company and its flagship brand, Cabotella. Greenhouse partnered with company founder and brewmaster, Jordan Gardenhire, prior to the launch of the company’s first brewpub in San Jose Del Cabo, developing brand positioning and personality, and brand identity prior to launch. Greenhouse has been intimately involved with setting communications strategies, designing packaging, point of sale, advertising, digital communications, and sales support efforts for Cabotella’s launch in the United States.

The Story


From a place where desert meets ocean, day and night blend together, and mother Earth meets a mother of a good time, comes Cabo’s original beer. Uniting premium ale flavor with the thirst-quenching appeal of an authentic cerveza, now Mexican beer lovers can have it all. In addition to down in Baja, Cabotella is available in California, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado.

Baja Brewing Company

The Baja Brewing Company is Baja California’s original microbrewery. The company has three brewpubs in Los Cabos, Mexico, where it brews and serves a variety of styles of craft beer and serves distinctive pub-inspired food. Four of the company’s bottled beers are distributed throughout  Baja California and in Mexico City and other parts of Mexico.

Drink in Cabo with every sip.

Greenhouse Ideas

The Story

Greenhouse Ideas is an internal incubator for new business ideas. The organization explores demographic and psychographic trends, category and competitive dynamics, and other factors to identify opportunities where Greenhouse’s Whole Brand approach can make a meaningful difference in the category. Identified business opportunities are explored in depth by the internal team, identifying an immediate and long-term path to success – including whether new businesses will be part of the Greenhouse Family of Companies or brought to market in a different way.

The Story

The Facts

  • 25 consumer trends and categories explored
  • 7 opportunities explored in depth
  • 4 full business plans created
  • 1 business launched
  • 43 bottles of wine consumed


The18 (see above) is the first Greenhouse Ideas concept to be brought to market, with the initial development of the business model, brand, products, and the company’s launch all completed by Greenhouse Partners resources.