We believe that great brands – the ones that generate passionate loyalty and stand the test of time – almost always arise from great cultures. That is because it is people and culture that allow organizations to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances, to find the next big idea, without losing their authenticity.

This belief in the importance of culture manifests itself in two ways. First, we focus on working closely with our clients to understand and shape their internal brands and cultures to position them for long-term success. Second, we are intentional and thoughtful in the creation and management of our own culture, ensuring that we find and grow the kind of people that thrive here, deliver results for our clients, and are a positive, healthy, nimble, and successful firm for the long term.

What’s special about Greenhouse’s culture?

  • We report to the work – not to an org chart

    We believe the best idea wins, no matter where it comes from. We believe that the right lead for one client can also be the right support person for another client. We believe in high performance. We believe that we are all accountable for delivering strategic, creative, difference-making work – no matter what our role is – and that our job isn’t complete until we get there. We believe in doing amazing work.

  • We are built to collaborate

    There is a reason that Collaboration is one of our Values – we believe that people working together, challenging and inspiring each other, results in better work. We believe in the importance of chance collisions and unplanned interactions. And that spirit of collaboration extends to our clients as well.

    To harness the true power of collaboration, there must be diversity of experience, perspective, and backgrounds in order to ensure a breadth of ideas are contributed, considered, and debated. We have built our team with this in mind, resulting in a team that has people who are Madison Avenue veterans, management consultants, web publishers, bond traders, and entrepreneurs; New Yorkers, Midwesterners, West Coasters, and Canadians; Ivy Leaguers, D-1 Athletes, and record-setting Art Institute grads; marathon runners, MMA fighters, and bass-dropping DJs.

  • We are one team

    A lot of firms say this, but we live it. We eliminated departments. Strategists sit next to designers who sit next to developers who sit next to PR gurus who sit next to UX experts. We only have two titles. We work together. Closely. We all get our hands dirty. We know how to have a good time. We share a single focus – creating solutions and ideas that matter.

  • We are entrepreneurial

    We are not built to be a factory, cranking out variations on the same ideas week after week. Rather, we are dynamic problem solvers, constantly applying our knowledge and approach to help our clients tackle the challenges that matter most to their brands and businesses. As a result, we actively seek out clients of different sizes, industries, and budgets. And we look at each client engagement with fresh eyes, customizing an approach to meet its unique needs.

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