Money Talk: Why a Strong Brand Matters for Fundraising, Valuation, and Startup Success

Startups face numerous barriers to success, especially as the landscape of new companies looking for funding continues to get more crowded and capital markets tighten up. Not only does your startup need to stand out from the competition and focus on market growth, but you also need to simultaneously secure the funding to turn your…

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New Kids in Town: Reaching Beyond Millennials

Tired of hearing about Millennials? You’re not alone. 53% of Americans agree with you, according to a recent study by Mintel. In fact, even Millennials are sick of hearing about themselves. We’ve been hearing about this generation for so long, that many don’t realize they’ve grown up and right out of the coveted 18-21 year…

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Research Philosophy

Inspire with truth to create actionable intelligence. Where others simply inform, we inspire. Where others seek only answers to questions, we seek the underlying truth. Where others stop at the results, we go beyond to deliver actionable intelligence. While facts, figures, data, and information are the foundation of research, we use these as a springboard…