Pete Burridge, CEO and founder, moderates September 19 discussion about what leaders of young companies need to know, do, and say to build a great brand and a long-lasting business

Boulder, Colo. – September 15, 2014 – With the fast-moving, dynamic nature of brands today, startups need to know where to begin to set themselves up for long-term success. Greenhouse Partners, a brand firm with expertise in building dozens of startup companies and working with some of the biggest brands in the world, hosts this moderated discussion at 3 p.m. Friday, September 19 at Denver Startup Week Basecamp at 1515 Arapahoe Street in Denver.

Leaders from within the Greenhouse family of companies will discuss four essential questions such as, “How do I create a great brand?” and, “What are the most common mistakes to avoid?” that will set startups on the right path to building a great brand from day one. Attendees will gain insights and actionable tips for immediate use within their companies. “Greenhouse Partners believes in the power and business impact of brand strategy for companies of all sizes – even startups,” said Pete Burridge, CEO Greenhouse Partners. “Denver Startup Week brings together creative and innovative people from Colorado and beyond, and we’re proud to be part of this terrific week of learning, discussion and community building.” Those interested in attending the Denver Startup Week session should register:

“Greenhouse Partners is one of the innovative and knowledgeable companies helping make Denver Startup Week a destination event,” said Castle Searcy, Chair of the Design Track for Denver Startup Week 2014. “We’re excited to offer members of the startup community this panel on branding, in addition to the many other topics that will be covered throughout the week.”

About Greenhouse Partners

Greenhouse Partners is a professional services firm with five integrated core competencies: Greater Purpose and Culture; Research, Insights and Brand Strategy; Core Creative; Stakeholder Experience; and Innovation.

Over Greenhouse Partners’ 14-year history, the organization has been a part of launching over 50 products and brands. Greenhouse Partners has high profile, national and international clients across multiple industries, including consumer packaged goods, financial services, real estate, and education.

Other brands within the Greenhouse family of companies are: Greenhouse Scholars, a non-profit organization that is leveling the playing field for high-performing, low-income young people and low-income communities; Greenhouse Ideas, an incubator for brand-centric business ideas; and, a new online soccer destination created to change the way mainstream soccer fans engage with the sport.

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