What Clients Say

Read what some of our clients have to say about the impact of Greenhouse Partners on their businesses.

  • Todd Mansfield

    President and CEO, Crescent Communities

    “Greenhouse Partners has been a key partner to our firm during a critical period of evolution. Their impact on Crescent Communities has been felt across the entire organization.”

  • Tyler Niess

    Chief Marketing Officer, Crescent Communities

    “I’m not sure I’ve ever worked with a partner that is able to contribute on the strategic level like them. Internal or external, at the corporate level or the product level, Greenhouse Partners understands what is needed and delivers solutions that make a difference for our business.”

  • Laura Tordella

    Director – Shopper Marketing Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company

    “The best thing I can say about Greenhouse Partners is that they just ‘get it.’ I have worked with them across a variety of assignments and they invariably understand the business opportunity for Coca-Cola and deliver strategic and creative solutions that are spot on whether they have prior experience in that area or not.”

  • Fred Paulman

    Founding Partner and President, RMB Capital

    “Greenhouse Partners has been engaged with RMB since our beginning. Their strategic guidance and creativity was instrumental in developing our brand, which is truly part of the fabric of our company. As our business has grown and become more complex, their contributions have kept pace. They’ve really helped us understand the role that brand plays, and they’re always prepared to deliver fresh, relevant ideas.”

  • Kate Demet

    SVP - Marketing and Communications, RMB Capital

    “The people at Greenhouse Partners are true collaborators, working with me and my team to deliver solutions that help drive the RMB brand and business forward. I appreciate that they listen and are flexible with us, but they are also willing to challenge us, pushing for ideas they feel strongly about when we are tentative.”

  • Pat Edson

    CMO – Chromatic Technologies Inc. and former VP of Innovation and Brands – MillerCoors

    “I’ve worked with Greenhouse Partners for over a decade and have been consistently impressed by their ability to drive innovative ideas and strategic thinking into businesses large and small.”

  • Matt Bury

    Director – Marketing and Creative Strategy , Spectrum Business

    “Greenhouse Partners is my go-to brand and marketing partner. Over the course of our decade-plus partnership, Greenhouse Partners has helped my team and I solve complex creative and strategic challenges and drive significant results for the Spectrum Business brand.”

  • Ken McConnelogue

    Vice President for Communication, The University of Colorado

    “Greenhouse Partners bring the sophistication of big-time brand experience and leading edge strategic thinking to the higher education space. Across a variety of initiatives for the University of Colorado, they have always been exceptional.”

  • Andra Pool

    COO, Greenhouse Scholars

    “I can’t describe how valuable an asset our partnership with Greenhouse Partners has been for our organization. From their strategic insight to helping us make critical business decisions to creating communications that break through the clutter of the non-profit world – they have been essential to the growth of this organization from day one.”

  • Jeff Edgar

    President, Pro1

    “Greenhouse Partners are a catalyst for our business, really taking us from a start-up mentality to a sophisticated brand that can easily compete – and beat – the big guys in our industry.”

  • Adam Wallach

    Director of Sales, Cabotella

    “Greenhouse has an in-depth understanding of how to support the sales process, both strategically and creatively.”